Uhmmmmmmmmmmm so I'm a total creeper but like I came across you in a certain fandom that I really don't want to say the name of because I'm really, really paranoid about stalkers, you know?! Like, seriously, they should get a life, you know? Stalking people is so lame.

Anyway, I just thought that you were totally fantabulous and just knew that we would be the best, best, best of friends. Like when I go to the store and see Parmesean Cheese I always giggle because I know that YOU don't like it! hehehehehe You are sooooooooo silly. I like TOTALLY need to be your LJ friend. Like right now. Okay??? Okay??? Okay so add me back please!!!!!!!!

I know we'll be friends! You'll like me; I promise! Really, people always tell me I'm really really really nice and that I like, like people, you know? Like people are really cool. Sometimes like I just like to like look at them, you know? Watch them when they don't think you are looking. It's like really, really awesome............................... you know?

Please add me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't, like, I know it'll feel like the end of the world. Seriously. Like seriously. I'm serious. Add me. Add me now or perish.
I want to be your friend~~~

I love J-POP more than K-POP actually. I love KAT TUN especially Taguchi, Jin, and Nakamaru. I love the j -dramas Hanayome to Papa and Yukan Club. Please add me. I will understand if you don't. :D
LOL I really need to check my email more for comments. By now you'll have realized (I think) that I added you back. Haha. *squee* I noticed we had a lot in common (even without this comment LOL) so I went ahead and added you ('cos any friend of Mindy is a friend of mine).

I like Jpop more than Kpop, too. haha. Even though I adore DBSK and SuJu. I love that you added Junno first in your list! haha. He's my sister's fave. (And is steadily increasing in my ranks as a favorite.)
LOLZ..Yeah, you added me. *Squees* XD

AH DBSK and Suju......:D I always heard it from my friends.:D I have a J-POP friends and three of my friends are K-POP LOlz.

I really love Junno! He is really funny and so...adorable. ;)
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