LOL I really need to check my email more for comments. By now you'll have realized (I think) that I added you back. Haha. *squee* I noticed we had a lot in common (even without this comment LOL) so I went ahead and added you ('cos any friend of Mindy is a friend of mine).

I like Jpop more than Kpop, too. haha. Even though I adore DBSK and SuJu. I love that you added Junno first in your list! haha. He's my sister's fave. (And is steadily increasing in my ranks as a favorite.)
LOLZ..Yeah, you added me. *Squees* XD

AH DBSK and Suju......:D I always heard it from my friends.:D I have a J-POP friends and three of my friends are K-POP LOlz.

I really love Junno! He is really funny and so...adorable. ;)